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youngnetwork group.
Global Communication agency.

The YoungNetwork Group began operating in Cape Verde in 2011.
Headquartered in the city of Praia on the island of Santiago, the YoungNetwork Cape Verde team travels to other islands, namely São Vicente and Sal, to handle events, brand activations and communication campaigns.


With a global and integrated range of communications services, YoungNetwork Cape Verde specializes in:

  • Media Consulting
  • Branding
  • Advertising
  • Design
  • Digital Communications
  • Events Planning
  • Brand Activation
  • Production Services
  • Production
How do we work.

Quality, creativity and experience are our DNA.
We are committed to the Cape Verdean market, giving life to projects and challenges of our customers.

“Quality, creativity and experience are what make up our DNA. We are fully committed to the Cape-Verdian market, bringing life to the projects and challenges given to us by our clients.”

YoungNetwork Cabo Verde
e. caboverde@youngnetworkgroup.com
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